For full disclosure, I support healthcare reform.

I understand why people are making a big deal out of the problems with, but they were all to be expected. This is a textbook example of a big organization with a big project. These are going to look like excuses. They are. I don’t know how to fix these issues.

1. What big project hasn’t been over budget and behind schedule? Government contractors are thieves, but big business projects fair no better. If the schedule can’t be delayed, there are going to be repercussions.

2. Downtime was to be expected. Look at the launch of Steam, SimCity, every MMO ever, IOS7 release, etc. They’ve all had problems. No one seems to be able to launch a highly anticipated product without encountering delays or downtime.

3. No one cares about security. Why would be any different. My subscription to the Dataloss-DB has destroyed my faith in any website being secure.

I didn’t expect to see the backlash against TrustedSec. Dave is conservative, but that doesn’t change that the site has security issues. It was a shot at the baby of an administration he doesn’t like, but the issues need resolved regardless. Welcome to politics.

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