2013 Year In Review

Quartz had an excellent article summarizing the year in technology as being lackluster.  It is pretty comprehensive for the industry in general.
Short of any significant technology or process breakthroughs, I suspect 2014 will be the same as 2013 which was the same as 2012.

  • PCI/PHI will be leaked, likely in larger and larger quantities.
  • There will continue to be a fear of ICS attacks, no one will fix anything.
  • Hacktivists will continuing hacking and getting arrested.  Overzealous prosecutors will continue to think the law is the solution.  I don’t see Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, or John Kirikou having any legal luck in 2014.
  • I am optimistic that two-factor authentication and default SSL in the personal space will increase in popularity.

As far as a review of my year:

  • I bought a Fitbit.  It is interesting.  I think it has caused me to increase my physical activity.  I wish it could track more than just walking though.
  • DerbyCon was my favorite conference for the second year in a row.  DEF CON was great, but DerbyCon is the best.
  • For personal development, I am trying to learn Python.  I can modify existing code, but I really want to be able to write new code.
  • Professionally, my Splunk deployment is a massive failure.  I’m not blaming the product.  I didn’t get the appropriate level of support to successfully implement the product.  Hopefully the deployment can be recovered in 2014.  I’ve also got a Nessus deployment on my plate for 2014.

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