Petrie Multiplier

This Petrie Multiplier concept is interesting.  The tech community likes to think we are data / fact driven, so applying modeling to explain sexism seems like a good tactic to demonstrate how problematic the issue is.

Dystonica had a Firetalk on Friday that covered the concept I had meant to attend but bailed on.   I need to manage my time at conferences better.  I’m always entirely burned out by the end of the regular sessions.    In any case, the talk was filmed and placed on YouTube.  The talk seemed to go well.  There is that comment at the end from the audience requesting great security people.  I’d rather work with mediocre security professionals that are good people than a bunch of people that are amazing at what they do but unbearable to be around.  A healthy work environment is important.

Ladies Lunch Con seems like a great idea.   I go to conferences in general as group therapy to see that there are other people dealing with the same professional frustrations that I deal with.  I don’t understand the controversy.  It isn’t like a feature of the conference was women’s only.

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