.Ninja / gTLD extensions / NetworkDefense.Ninja

I registered NetworkDefense.Ninja this past week. I kept looking at the new domains and debating the worth of registering anything. I decided the .Ninja domains are affordable. At $15, I’m basically throwing away 3 drinks at a bar.

I tried extremely generic domains like security.ninja, InfoSec.ninja, etc. they were all taken. I found ActiveDirectory.ninja and Domino.Ninja open, but I’m neither an Active Directory domain admin nor a Lotus Domino admin.

BSides Pittsburgh – Running A Con

Running a conference is way more work than I expected. Wow.

Setting up the conference that morning was easy. Registration appeared to go relatively smoothly.

I started the conference as the person in charge of track 2. I am weak. I couldn’t get speakers to keep to their time. I wanted to let them keep going. I am clearly not cut out for that task.

By mid-conference, I was handed control of the twitter account. I think I’m doing alright with that. I started following speakers, sponsors, tweeting, etc. It is a fair amount of work, but I’ve got it under control.