Duck Duck Go, Privacy Tracker, Enhanced Security

My privacy concerns are extremely disjointed.  I’ll admit it.  While I’m implementing more and more of these privacy tools, I’m also still continuing to allow user statistic reporting in my browser, my apps, and my operating system.  Or is that the way it really should  be?  I’m a privacy moderate?

I’m trying out Duck Duck Go for searching.  I like that it is HTTPS and that they claim to not track my searches.  I’m using Privacy Badger for my web browser, prior to that I used Ghostery.

What I’ve been debating is migrating my shopping to a virtual machine.  Is it worth it?   Do my browsing on one system, my shopping on another?  I’m generally of the opinion that most PCI breaches are on PoS system / business side and not the end system.  Most botnets admittedly monitor for banking information though.  The attacks are clearly on both sides of the transaction, the customer and the vendor though.

Or is my better ROI building a VM for PHI information?

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