BSidesLV & Skill Transitions

Thinking back to BSides Las Vegas this past summer, there was an interesting talk in the Hiring Ground track, “The Commoditization of Security: Will You Be Replaced By A Script” by Nathan Sweeney.

Nathan mentioned trying not to get too focused on a specific product or technology. He recalled working with DHCP specialists at one time. I’ve never heard of a dedicated role for DHCP. Conversely, COBOL is old but isn’t going away. What technologies stick around, what technologies easily translate, and what is automated away?

Looking at my own resume, my network firewall skills are likely the skill to rapidly fall out of demand. Everyone is buying ‘next-gen’ firewalls, but even the complexity of those are likely to fall out of popularity as we move to cloud services and remote workers. We’ll still have them, but it’s looking more and more like they’ll be going the way of DHCP. You’ve got it, but it mostly self-configures based on content from associated technologies in the vast majority of environments.

You plug in your Next-Gen Firewall. BGP participation sets up the routes for each interface. Cisco ISE applies the network layer controls. The CASB applies cloud access controls. Your threat data integration sets up the IPS type blocking policies. You’re done.

That should be the goal anyway.